Zlín Heating Plant with Fluidized-Bed Boiler

Zlín, Česká republika

Year of completion:

Teplárna a.s. Zlín

Project cost (in 1995)
Civil part: 140 million CZK
M&E part: 990 million CZK

Project description:
The project of the heating plant with fluidized-bed boiler is situated on the premises of the former Bata factory in Zlín. A steam boiler with a capacity of 150 t per hr equipped  with  atmospheric circulating fluidized-bed coal combustion and a counter-pressure steam turbine with 25 MW power generation capacity were installed in the plant.The fluidized-bed boiler was used to replace the old boilers in the heating plant and improve the energy source efficiency towards greener production.
The main building with plantroom has plan dimensions 65 x 30 metres and a maximum height of 52 metres. Low temperatures in the combustion chamber during the fluidized-bed combustion process ensure that NOx formation is reduced, and the addition of limestone provides for flue-gas desulphurization.

Main technical data:
Fuel: black coal with addition of limestoneBoiler room
Rated capacity of the boiler: 150 tons of steam per hr
Rated steam pressure: 9.6 MPa
Rated steam temperature: 540°C
Efficiency at the rated output capacity: 91.5 %

Condensing turbine with controlled extractions
Power output: 25 MW
Guaranteed emission values:
Dust: 10 mg.m-3
NOx: 250 mg.m-3
SO2: 350 mg.m-3
CO: 200 mg.m-3