About us

  • We rank among the leading design, engineering and project management consultancy firms in the Czech Republic.
  • Based on our long-term experience in construction across the industries we are able to offer our customers comprehensive services for the planning and execution of construction projects on turnkey basis, including survey and multi-staged design phase, engineering (and consultancy) services as well as procurement and construction management.
  • We have a number of experts with many years of professional expertise across the design disciplines, thus we are able to create ideal environment for maintaining continuity between the multi-staged design process and construction phase.
  • The result of the broad portfolio of services offered by our company is the optimization of the investment plans as early as during the project design phase in order to ensure the customers optimal use of resources while guaranteeing them required level of operational costs.


Our history

In 1925, a planning department was set up as a part of the Bata Company in Zlín. This was the laying of the foundation stone of what is now CENTROPROJEKT GROUP. Original town planning concepts were applied on construction of industrial zones and residential districts during the pre-war expansion of the Bata company to towns such as Zlín, Sezimovo Ústí, Třebíč, Partizánske, Borovo (former Yugoslavia), Tilbury (United Kingdom), Belcamp (USA) and Batanager (India). Outstanding architects of the time were called in, such as František Gahura, Vladimír Karfík, Jan Kotěra, Josef Gočár and Bohumil Fuchs, together with engineers, among them Profs. Bechyně, Hruban, List and many others.


! Závod v roce 1939 

1945: After World War II, the ownership of the Baťa factories was passed to the state, and their names were also changed to that of Svit. Also the town Zlín was renamed Gottwaldov. The planning and construction division of the factory were involved in the post-war revival of the concern premises and urban construction programme. The post-war architects, among them J. Voženílek, V. Karfík, J. Kubečka, M. Drofa, A. Vítek and J. Holeček were authors of architectural studies according to which many new dominants were built in the town such as Collective House, Public Bath, blocks of flats in the eastern town districts, centralised footwear store for the company Svit and others.
This in turn led to further expansion to other regions and to establishment of a new state company “Stavosvit”. With the development of nation-wide investment programmes, the planning department became a separate organisation “Projekční závody lehkého průmyslu, n.p. Gottwaldov” (Light Industry Planning Office, state company Gottwaldov) which was renamed “Státní ústav pro projektování závodů lehkého průmyslu, n.p., Gottwaldov” (State Institute for Light Industry Planning, Gottwaldov) at a later date. 














! Bižuterie, n. p., závod v Jablonci nad Nisou1958 – 1965: A merger with the “Státní projektový ústav pro projektování dřevařského průmyslu” (State Instit! Koželužne Bošany, n. p., vrchová koželužnaute for Timber Industry Planning) in Prague resulted in the founding of the “Státní ústav pro projektování závodů spotřebního průmyslu Centroprojekt Gottwaldov” (State Institute for Consumer Industry Planning, Centroprojekt Gottwaldov). CENTROPROJEKT had a substantial share in preparation of a typified design scheme for all-purpose multi-storey CIP concrete buildings. The Prague branch separated itself under the name “Skloprojekt” as an institute specialized in glass and ceramics industries. This completed the CENTROPROJEKT’s planned specialisation in factory planning, especially for the leather and textile industries.



 ! FEZKO Strakonice! Slovena Čada1970 – 1989: During this period, CENTROPROJEKT’s team produced a large number of designs both for industrial and public sector projects, of which many design solutions were given awards in various competitions. Among them were textile mills Modeta Jihlava, Fezko Strakonice, Merina Trenčín, Slovena Čadca, centralised store of footwear and shoe-making materials Exico Partizánske, cotton mill in Ružomberok, complex of research institutes in Liberec, tannery plant in Bošany, centralised store of chemicals and repair shops for the company Svit in Gottwaldov. Requirements of the time to reduce built-up areas resulted in designing multi-storey buildings with parameters of a large-space structure. Typical example of such a building was the wool mill Mosilana in Brno-Černovice.
The social and economic changes which occurred during and after 1989 loosened ties to the controlling government office, replacing them with the classic market environment, but on the other hand they significantly limited the investments in building industry, especially in large industrial units. Fundamental depression in the traditional areas of consumer industry forced the company to expand its activities to seek out clients in new areas.


! Cinergy1992: The state-owned institute was transformed into a shareholding ! Moravská typografiecompany under the new company name of “Centroprojekt Zlín a.s.” CENTROPROJEKT retained a core of qualified and experienced employees. The nature of jobs was changing gradually. Large “green-field” investment projects were on the decline, while projects that were essentially refurbishment and upgrading of existing production facilities were growing up. A new line in the company activities were the projects for the foreign developers and clients investing in the Czech Republic. The vast majority of the company’s operations were moved to projects for public and housing sector like construction of residential buildings, office blocks, hypermarkets and logistics centres. Environmental projects were dominated by the construction and upgrading of existing wastewater treatment plants as well as construction of complete municipal sewer systems. CENTROPROJEKT took the role of a main contractor on many projects.


1996: The top management and employees purchased shares from investment funds and minor individual shareholders. The majority of shares passed to company staff members. A new company AM INTERIÉR a.s. was established with a partnership share of CENTROPROJEKT. The company is known as a designer, manufacturer and supplier of high-quality interior decorating systems.


! Archiv_Praha2000 – 2002: CENTROPROJEKT had the top placing among all the companies in the building! Sykora sector in the polls on the most admired companies in 2000 prepared by the Czech Top 100 agency.
One year later, our professionalism and expertise in provision of extensive design and architectural services for the Prague Capital was awarded with a References certificate issued by the Prague Municipal Council. 2001 was the start year for Centroprojekt do Brasil, a subsidiary company based in Sao Paulo, in which CENTROPROJEKT is a major quotaholder. The firm operates on the Brazilian market and provides the customers with deliveries of buildings and plants for water and effluent treatment systems.



2004 and after: Public limited company Centroprojekt Zlín a.s. ceased to exist without liquidation by transferring its equities to the main shareholder and establishing a privately held succession company CENTROPROJEKT a.s. The shareholding has thus been entirely concentrated in hands of the company management and key staff members. The company terminates its direct capital interest in interior decorating business by sale of its shares in the company AM INTERIÉR, a.s. To develop its business activities in Slovakia, CENTROPROJEKT established a new limited liability company CENTROPROJEKT s.r.o. in Nové Mesto nad Váhom. CENTROPROJEKT further expanded into the South American markets by establishing Centroprojekt Chile, its majority-owned subsidiary based in Santiago.


2013 – Centroprojekt a.s. transits into holding company structure under the name of CENTROPROJEKT GROUP a.s., which opens up new potential to the company management for further expansion of our services to be able to flexibly respond to market demands and our customers´ requirements.