ZEVO Chotíkov Incineration Plant

Chotíkov, Czech Republic

Year of completion:

Plzeňská teplárenská a.s.

Project stages:
Preparation of design documents (basic design, detailed design) and supervision of construction of the substructure (for ČKD) and 3 building units (for CHEMOPRAG) on compliance with drawings.

Total estimated project cost:
1 953 million CZK

Project description:
It is a waste-to-energy project using grate combustion technology of municipal waste without combination with the mechanical and biological treatment of waste materials. The plant delivers heat and power to the network owned by the heat company CZT Plzeňská teplárenská a.s.

Main technical data:
Plant capacity: 95 000 tons of municipal waste per year
Electric power
Installed power capacity of the generator set: 7.5 MW
Own consumption: 15 360 MW per year
Delivery to the network: 25 810 MWh per year
Maximum heat capacity: 22 MW
Annual delivery of heat: approx. 108 MWh per year