Upgrading of the Power Generation Process

Komořany, Czech Republic

Year of completion:

EKY III a.s.

Project description:
The project is aimed at replacing the outdated heating plant systems with new modern systems in order to achieve an improved efficiency of steam and power generation and considerably reduce environmental impacts at the same time.
The project includes construction of a power block unit with fluidized-bed boiler for the combustion of brown coal, and a 160MW turbine generator set. Maximum capacity of the steam boiler is 480 tons of steam per hour with a pressure of 160 bar and temperature of 540°C.
The project also includes bringing the generated electric power to the existing 110kV substation, construction of cooling towers with cooling water circulation rate of 14 000 m3/h, construction of limestone and ash silos and other construction units such as roads, outdoor lighting system, diversions of utility services and other site rearrangement work.
Since the project is situated in an area strongly affected by coal mining and power generation over long term, the project must meet the most stringent requirements regarding environmental protection.

Main technical data:
Capacity: 160 MW
Steam boiler capacity: 480 tons of steam per hr
Steam pressure: 160 bar
Steam temperature: 540 °C