Master Plan of the Sewer Network for the Town of Zlín

Zlín, Czech Republic

Year of completion:

VaK Zlín a.s.

Sewer network operator:

Project description:
During 2014, the Division of Water and Infrastructure Projects was involved in the “Master Plan of the Sewer Network for the Town of Zlín” project. The Sewer System Master Plan represents the fundamental conceptual document that evaluates the overall condition of the network and wastewater collection from the town and its suburban areas, and defines, at the same time, key factors for the future scenarios in order to eliminate any bottlenecks in the system and involve the future development areas.
One of the major tasks of the project is to create and utilize a hydro-dynamical simulation model of the system by using the MIKE URBAN software tools.
Besides the funds provided by the local water company, the Master Plan is co-financed by the Statutory Town of Zlín.

Main technical data:
Sewer system dimensions
One-pipe system: 220km
Sanitary sewerage: 46km
Stormwater sewerage: 67km
Overflow chambers: 73 units
Pumping stations: 16 units
Outlet structures: approx. 140 units
PE capacity: 140 000 persons
Number of PE currently connected: approx. 80 000