Composting Plant in Zlín

Zlín, Czech Republic

Year of completion:

Statutory Town of Zlín

Project description:
The Statutory Town of Zlín as the client ordered a comprehensive design of a new composting plant. This document is used as a basis for the expansion of the processing of biologically degradable waste in the composting plant situated in the central zone of the Suchý důl landfill.
The composting plant is situated at the Suchý důl landfill area in the cadastral district of Zlín-Prštné at a distance of around 6 km from the centre of the town and 1.5 km north of the town district of Louky.
The main vehicular access to the landfill is from the town district of Mladcová through the area of Zbožensko. The composting plant is an outdoor unit for the controlled composting in strip-arranged piles. The plant will be surrounded by asphalt surfaces, a storage building for the machinery and boxes for the finished compost material.

Main technical data:
Based on detailed specification from the client, capacity of the composting plant shall be 2500 tons of biologically degradable municipal waste.