Tyre dispatch store Barum Continental

Otrokovice, Czech Republic

Year of completion:

Barum Continental, spol. s r.o.

Project description:
Six-nave shed is a monoblock with storeyed annexes, in which all technical rooms and offices are housed in.
A scaffold bridge provides connection between production lines and palletizing area in the shed, enabling thus the daily production of passenger car tyres to be sorted, put on pallets and dispatched.
Car tyre distribution is organised with trucks or railway spur track.
Monoblock with a plan size of 216 x 120 m is located in flooding area.
Building frame is a steel structure on pile foundation with columns in reinforced concrete, cladding and roof construction is a sandwich system.

Main technical data:
Storage capacity: 800 thousand tyres/18 thousand pallets
Storage area: 17 744 m2
Palletizing area: 3 873 m2
Dispatch area: 4 425 m2
Technical rooms: 848 m2
Offices and welfare facilities: 919 m2
Truck parking spaces: 62
Truck dispatch spaces: 33