Centre Olympia I Brno – Modřice

Brno, Czech Republic

Year of completion:

Stannifer, Great Britain

Project description:
The Olympia centre with hypermarket, shop malls and multiplex cinema is provided with a connection to II/152 road at the exit from D2 speedway Brno – Bratislava.
Visitors to retail and leisure centre can use their cars, city bus or even bicycle (connection to bike path Brno – Vienna).
Heavy-weight traffic is diverted to western areas of the complex where goods supply service, waste disposal system and waiting bays for heavy-weight vehicles are located.
City bus stops provided with shelters and allowing acces to main entrance to the centre are located in the central areas of the car park. The car park traffis is organised by means of horizontal and vertical traffic signage system. Speed is controlled by retarders.

Main technichal data:
Number of park spaces for cars: 1700
Number of park spaces for disabled persons: 45
Number of park spaces for trucks/trailers: 12

Goods supply docks: 12
Number of petrol pumps at petrol station: 6

Pavings in all: 80 000 m2
Asphalt concrete paving: 74 000 m2
Length of roadways: 2050 m
Pavers: 6 000 m2