Design Services for the Lužkovice Village Square

Zlín, Czech Republic

Expected construction period:
06/2013 – 10/2014

Statutory Town of Zlín

Project description:
The conversion project of the village square is aimed at improvements in traffic and parking of cars, safe movement of pedestrians and formation of a small community gathering space for cultural performances.
The project includes construction of a pavement and new driveways alongside the left side of the road in the driving direction as well as perpendicularly arranged parking bays between the roadway and private homes on the right side of the road no. III/4913, together with necessary adaptation of private home driveways and pavements alongside the parking lot.
The paved area at the Holy Cross statue will respect both the nearby tree and monument. This area will be continued by pavements that run towards the bus stop and in the eastern direction alongside the road and house no. 45.

Main technical data:
Renovated road segment: 177 m
New pavement segment: 177 m
Number of parking bays: 22 in perpendicular arrangement