Waste Collection Point in Zlín

Zlín, Czech Republic

Statutory Town of Zlín

Project cost:
16,89 million CZK

Project description:
The Statutory Town of Zlín intends to establish a centralised waste collection point for the Town of Zlín, its suburban areas and cottage areas.
The collection point will become one of the facilities, which are constituent parts of a complex waste centre, and as such, they will guarantee full compliance of the Statutory Town of Zlín with the applicable waste laws on long term.
The waste collection point is situated at the Suchý důl landfill, which lies within the cadastral district of Zlín-Prštné at 6km distance from the town centre and around 1.5km north of the town district of Louky.
The construction site is located at the Phase I landfill area, at which no waste has been deposited for more than 20 years. The area is used for placing of specific waste components that have been sorted out from solid municipal waste or as a lay-by area for the compactor machine.
The construction site is bordered by service road in the north-south direction (weighing station – fermentors) and another road in the north –east direction (weighing station – landfill). The ground surface is moderately undulated with altitude values ranging from 301,00 to 303,00 m ASL. The surface itself consists of soil that has been flattened by vehicle wheels, under which there is a backfill layer composed mainly of building debris (anticipated thickness of the backfill layer lies at around 0.5-1.0 m).