Design Services for the PES TV Production Facility

Senica, Slovak Republic

Year of completion:

SLOVKORD a.s. Senica

Expected project cost:
1,5 billion CZK

Project description:
The project aims to expand the capacities for the production of technical fibres PES TV (HMLS type). The construction of a new chemical plant includes 26 construction units and 35 process units on an area over 10 000m2.
The machinery installed as a part of the project included machines for the manufacture of PES granules and PES fibres (PES TV).
The manufacturing process is divided into 6 sections:

  1. Storage of basic raw materials – terephthalic acid (TA) and ethylene-glycol (EG);
  2. Manufacture of PES granules in polycondensation process;
  3. Final polycondensation of the granulated product in solid phase;
  4. Extruder-type spinning process with extension and winding process in one operation;
  5. Automatic sorting and packing of the finished fibres and storage of the pallets with finished goods in the warehouse;
  6. Auxiliary systems for energy supply.

The production runs in a continuous process.
Besides the production buildings, the project includes a heat and power generation block, warehouses for the storage of raw materials and finished goods, transport facilities and office spaces (five-storey building with offices, locker rooms and sanitary rooms; annex building accommodating a staff canteen and laboratory as well as control room and auxiliary technical rooms).
The plant is located east of the Slovkord building on the premises of the Slovenský hodváb company, the former producer of artificial silk in Senica.