Outdoor Swimming Facility in Chropyně

Chropyně, Czech Republic

Year of completion:

Town of Chropyně

Project cost:
40 million CZK

Project description:
Because of its overall unsatisfactory condition and non-adherence to general requirements set by the Regulation No. 135/2004 upon swimming pools and spas, the outdoor swimming facility in Chropyně has undergone an extensive renovation. Centroprojekt acted as the designer and supplier of the pool technology systems.
The initial phase of the renovation process was started in autumn 2007. As a first step, all the outdoor piping for the pool water treatment systems was newly installed and necessary adaptations inside the pools were made to ensure proper hydraulic conditions in the pools. Overflow channels and bottom distribution piping were added to the tanks of the big pool and kiddies’ pool.
The next phase was started after a winter break in spring 2008. During this phase, all the construction work on the pools, including installation of the DLW pool liner had been successfully completed. After that, the plantrooms were renovated and the pool technology systems were installed there.
The quality and harmlessness of pool water is monitored by an automated measurement unit that controls the pumps for the dosing of chemicals.
New water attractions were added to both pools. The water features that can be found in the large pool include massage jets, massage benches, a water spout and water cannon as well as a climbing net and wall. The old diving pool was resized and remodelled to a wild river. This new amazing feature attracts many visitors. The smallest visitors may enjoy bathing in the kiddies’ pool with a water mushroom and a ladybird-shaped slide.
A dominant feature of the complex is the big slide that was polished and accommodated so as to enable landing into a new pool.
Outdoor bathing and swimming has a long tradition in Chropyně. The original facility was opened to public in June 1970.

Main technical data:
Swimming pool
Area: 1040 m2
Volume: 1450 m3
Storage volume: 96 m3
Wild river
Area: 64 m2
Volume: 77 m3
Storage volume: 96 m3
Kiddies’ pool
Area: 235 m2
Volume: 200 m3
Storage volume: 23 m3

Parameters of the water treatment plant
Swimming pool
Filter size: 2350 mm
Number of filters: 3 ks
Circulation rate: 376 m3/h
Wild river
Filter size: 2350 mm
Number of filters: 3 ks
Circulation rate: 77 m3/h
Kiddies’ pool
Filter size: 1400 mm
Number of filters: 2 ks
Circulation rate: 120 m3/h