Design Services for the Renovation of the Zlín – Pasecká – Klabalská – Stráže Road Junction

Zlín, Czech Republic

Year of projecting:

Statutory Town of Zlín


Project description:
We provided design services for the renovation of the road junctions in the close vicinity of Jižní Svahy, which is the largest housing estate in Zlín. The renovation project includes not only the crossing of roads made as a roundabout to make the traffic calmer and more efficient, but also the roads for approaching and exiting the roundabout. Consequently, this modification will also include the bridge structure. The overall traffic calming will also be supported by two added city bus bays, a safer crossing of pedestrians towards the blocks of flats as well as a smooth movement of vehicles in the road junction area.
The other bridge structure will be involved in the renovation project of a road junction that lies farther east and allows approach to the residential buildings. Part of the project has also become new pedestrian ways and cycle paths.