Design Services for the Renovation of the Mostní Street


Reporting on the planned renovation project (only in Czech):

Zlín, Czech Republic

Year of completion:

Statutory Town of Zlín


Project description:
Poor conditions of the road after many years in service, its unsuitable surface layer along with high load and increasing traffic volumes were the reasons for the renovation of the Mostní Street in Zlín.
The project is aimed at achieving better transport services and improving the comfort for the drivers, pedestrians and passengers using the city transport systems.
Consequently, road repair in a length of 1.115km including the adjacent pavement areas is being planned.
The renovation project will also include extension of the road width by 75cm in average along with full renovation of the utility services including LV and MV lines (both under and above ground) and communication lines.

Main technical data:
Length of road repair: 1.115 km
Width of the road to be repaired: 6.50 m
Designed clear width of the public pavement: 1.65 m