Combined WWTP in Jablonec nad Jizerou

Jablonec nad Jizerou, Czech Republic

Year of completion:

Hybler a.s.

Project description:
The mechanical and biological wastewater treatment plant is used to treat sewage water from the Down together with industrial wastewater from the Hybler textile mill. The WWTP was put in permanent operation in 1994. Its design capacity is 14400 PE. Total wastewater inflow rate amounts to 2542 m3/d, of which 87% is textile wastewater.
Mechanical-biological process stage with neutralisation of industrial wastewater; activated-sludge zone with nitrification for the removal of organic load and partial removal of nitrogen and phosphorus.

Plant set-up:

  • neutralisation of industrial wastewater,
  • pump station,
  • mechanical pre-treatment zone – grit chamber, screen,
  • activated-sludge tanks,
  • secondary clarifiers,
  • blower plantroom,
  • measurement of treated effluent,
  • sludge system with aerobic sludge stabilization and mechanical dewatering,
  • sludge thickener,
  • service building.

Main technical data:
Wastewater inflow rate
Qd: 2542 m3/d
Wastewater load (design value)
Population equivalent: 14 400
BOD5: 866 kg/d
SS: 264 kg/d
BOD-related treatment efficiency of the plant: 96,4%