Waste Incineration Plant for Barum Continental

Otrokovice, Czech Republic

Year of completion:

Barum Continental Otrokovice

Project cost
Equipment: 48.9 million CZK (price level 1991)
Building: 6.95 million CZK (price level 1991)


Project description:The incineration plant for industrial waste with stationary chamber kiln was put in operation in 1993. It is used for the combustion of solid and liquid waste from the Barum Continental tire factory, which cannot be re-used or processed in other way. Annual plant capacity is 1500 tons of waste at an average heating value of 20 MJ per kg. The incineration plant is housed in a separate building of the Barum Continental premises in Otrokovice. The combustion system is placed in a plantroom with plan dimensions of 15 x 21 metres and a clear height of 9 metres. There is a free space allocated for the installation of another combustion line.
Capacity of the flue-gas cleaning system has already been sized for two combustion lines. Component part of the combustion line is a steam boiler using waste heat from flue gases. The combustion system with chamber kiln model GG24 was supplied by Schiestl Hoval Austria.

Main technical data:
Output capacity of the combustion system at a waste heating value of 20 MJ.kg-1: 350 kg per hour
Auxiliary fuel: natural gas
Utilization of flue-gas temperature behind post-combustion chamber: steam boiler
Steam quantity and parameters: 2.3 t per hr, 0.75 MPa, saturated
Temperature in post-combustion chamber: 1200 °C
Flue-gas delay in post-combustion chamber: 2s
Flue-gas purification method: absorption-type wet scrubber with automated flow-through neutralization

Power and gas consumption

  • natural gas: 360 000 m3 per year
  • electricity: 380 MWh per year