Bučovice WWTP

Bučovice, Czech Republic

Year of completion:

Bučovice Municipality

Building costs:
49 millions CZK

Project description:
Treatment of sewage, industrial and food wastewater coming from a slaughter house in combination with storm water from the urban areas of Bučovice and Vícemilice. The plant was put in trial operation in 1995. Its design capacity is 8860 PE. The plant is situated in the south-western part of Bučovice in accordance with the local zoning plan.
Mechanical and biological process stage; combined circulating activated sludge process with oxic and anoxic zone to eliminate organic load, nitrogen and phosphorus.

Plant set-up:

  • vortex separator,
  • pump station,
  • stormwater retention tank,
  • mechanical pre-treatment,
  • circulating activated sludge process,
  • blower plantroom,
  • secondary clarifier,
  • measurement of treated effluent,
  • sludge system: storage and homogenization tanks,
  • mobile sludge dewatering unit,
  • service building.

Main technical data:
Wastewater inflow rate
Q24: 1036 m3/d
Wastewater load:
Population equivalent (BOD): 8 300 PE
BOD5: 481 mg/l
BOD5: 498 kg/d
SS: 620 mg/l
SS: 642 kg/d
BOD-related treatment efficiency of the plant: 96 %
Quality of discharged effluents
BOD5: 10,02 mg/l
CODCr: 55,42 mg/l
SS: 17,43 mg/l