Yerevan Water Supply Improvement Project Feasibility Study, Armenia

Jerevan, Arménie

Year of completion:

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)

Project description:
The study objectives included evaluation of current condition of the operated water and wastewater assets together with submitting a long-term and short-term investment plan for the rehabilitation of infrastructure, financial analysis and evaluation of climate change.
Wastewater treatment processes are outdated, there was basically only mechanical pre-treatment stage operated at the “Aeratsia” wastewater treatment plant. Construction and operation of a new WWTP was interrupted due to a conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan at the beginning of the 1990´s.
The Yerevan Water Supply Improvement Project Feasibility Study was produced in association with Grant Thornton CSJC Armenia.

Main technical data:
Supply line: 450 km
Distribution network: 2000 km
Water reservoirs: 27 (a total volume of 329 500 m3)
Booster pump stations: 126
Sewer network: 1200 km
Aeratsia WWTP