Technological Project

We ensure the processing of complete documentation for projects of new installations or reconstruction of technological lines for the chemical, food and consumer industries, for process optimization and increasing the efficiency of energy processes in production plants.

We also offer solutions for water and heat savings, comprehensive services from the preparation of conceptual designs to detailed implementation documentation, design work in 3D using Autodesk Plant 3D software and, among other things, in coordination with the construction part in the model created in Autodesk Revit software. We provide construction parts of projects, electrical, measurement and regulation professions or partial technological units within the division with our own regular employees.


List of all our services and work provided within the Technological Projects


  • construction
  • statical
  • chemical-technological
  • traffical
  • pedological
  • Dendrological
  • engineering-geological
  • Geodetic survey
  • Focus your current state (manual focus, 3D scan)

Design services

  • Feasibility studies
  • Architectural drawings, site development studies, technology studies, EIA reviews, etc.
  • Zoning plans
  • Design documents for land use permit
  • Design documents for building permit
  • Tender documents
  • Detailed design
  • As-built drawings
  • Construction supervision on compliance with drawings
  • Basic Design
  • Detail Design
  • Visualization in 3D

Engineering and consultancy services

and Construction

  • Deliveries for the civil part/M&E part of the projects
  • Turnkey project delivery
  • Monitoring, managing and evaluating trial run period
  • Operator´s staff training
  • Performance guarantee testing and handover of the completed project

Examples of typical projects

  • Production facilities, pipelines:
  • Installation of new production machines and equipment - own production lines, pumps, exchangers, storage tanks, etc.
  • Production volume increase - plant expansion
  • Reconstruction of existing plants - modernization of production facilities
  • Technical consultation with direct suppliers of specialized technologies
  • Piping, Fittings - manual, remote controlled
  • Technology Process Management Strategies
  • Energy, auxiliary media:
  • Compressed air production and distribution (compressor stations)
  • Production and distribution of vacuum (vacuum stations)
  • Spare power supplies. energy (diesel generators)
  • Gas boiler rooms - hot water, hot water, steam
  • Cogeneration units (with gas engines)
  • Heat pumps
  • Exchange stations (steam / water, water / water)
  • Cooling water systems (cooling towers)
  • Cold water systems (mechanical cooling)
  • Water management - pumping and transport of water, treatment of additional and circulating water of cooling circuits
  • Water treatment and purification - utility, waste, operational
  • Technical infrastructure - engineering networks:
  • DHW networks
  • Gas pipelines
  • Steam lines
  • Hot water pipes
  • In cooperation with the VHS group - water supply, sewerage
  • In cooperation with the group EL - rozvody el. energy, communication networks, ver. lighting installation work
  • In collaboration with the group of building statics - steel structures

Selected references

Look at the details of selected current references in the gallery. Further references will be provided upon request.