OHS Co-ordinator´s Services at the Construction Site

Our professional expertise and long experience record in the planning and execution of major construction projects allow us to comprehensively approach the OHS-related project management tasks. The main added value for the customer is our ability to predict and reasonably use the OHS management skills. The development of effective OHS management tools is an efficient way to meet all requirements at a reasonable cost, protecting thus the Client from penalties arising out of relevant laws.
Our OHS co-ordinator is certified by the CSSI Czech Society of Civil Engineering Co-ordinators. His competence has been verified by professional competence examination pursuant to the Act No. 309/2006 Coll., as amended. Our Co-ordinator has gained extensive experience and strong background in construction projects. This is the best guarantee for the quality of work performed and contribution to the successful accomplishment of your project objectives.


What the OHS Co-ordinator can offer to you?

In the project planning phase:

  • Collaborates with the designer during the design phase;
  • Prepares Occupational Safety & Health Plan that is a mandatory part of the building permit submission package;
  • Suggests appropriate OHS-related measures;
  • Prepares a list of laws relating to the construction project;
  • Outlines potential risks that may occur during the execution of the project, giving specific focus on the works and tasks which put persons´ lives in danger and health problems, considering the nature of the project and its execution;
  • Prepares and issues to the designer, contractor (if already appointed) or other person all other information regarding the safety and health risks, which are known to him/her and which may affect their services;
  • Initiates and recommends technical solutions or organisational measures, which he/she assumes to be suitable for the planning of work tasks in terms of a safe working environment with no health hazards
  • Provided professional advice and recommendations regarding the requirements for establishing safe and healthy work conditions, estimates of time needed for the execution of the planned work or tasks with regard to specific measures, work-related codes of practice and best practices and workflow organisation during the project execution;
  • Adequately to the nature and scope of the project as well as with regard to local conditions and site operations, he/she ensures that the Plan includes data, information and procedures prepared in details as may be necessary for establishing safe and healthy work conditions;
  • Provides for the specification of OHS requirements for the maintenance work.


In the project execution phase (construction):

  • Notifies the Labour Inspection Board of the start of construction, if the scope of project requires that; prepares all requisites for the notification;
  • Co-ordinates the implementation of OHS measures between the contractors or persons authorized by them;
  • Supervises the adherence to the rules and codes of practice relevant to construction work;
  • Assists in determining the time needed for safe performance of the work tasks
  • Notifies all involved contractors of the safety and health hazards that have occurred on the construction site in the course of construction work;
  • Gives notices to the contractors of any failures to meet OHS requirements which were revealed on the job site taken over by the contractor, and requires the contractors to rectify the failures;
  • Makes logbook entries of the revealed deficiencies, including proposals for and dates of remedy actions and checks the remedy;
  • Monitors and checks whether the OHS Plan is being adhered to by the contractors and discusses with them the measures and dates for the remedy of the identified deficiencies, or as the case may be, makes revisions of the OHS Plan to accommodate it to current conditions;
  • Monitors the work being carried out on the construction site in order to establish whether OHS requirements are being met; notifies of any deficiencies revealed on the site and calls for immediate remedy;
  • Checks the perimeter protection of the construction site, incl. pedestrian and vehicle access points in order to avoid unauthorized access;
  • Initiates, and upon request of the contractor, recommends OHS-related technical solutions or measures to define the working and technology practices and plan safe performance of the work tasks, which should be performed at the same time or immediately after each other according to the defined construction workflow and scheduling; assists in specifying the time periods needed for the safe performance of the work tasks;
  • Participates in the site inspection, to which the Client was invited by the Building Authority;
  • Participates in site progress meetings to check with the contractors their adherence to OHS Plan.