Technical Support on Client´s behalf at the Construction Site (FIDIC Engineer)

For projects co-financed by EU (Cohesion Fund) under the Operational Programme “Environment” (OPE), we offer and successfully provide technical support on behalf of the Client at the construction site as the Engineer.

The Engineer shall ensure that the construction work is done properly and time-efficiently at the lowest possible cost in accordance with the approved drawings. He checks the construction work thoroughly on behalf of the Client in terms of adherence to the contract, commercial terms and conditions, terms of the grantor and all other requirements specified in the building permit and by all parties involved in the building permission process.

Key services rendered by the Engineer during the project execution phase:

  • Participating in the tender evaluation board to evaluate the contractors´ bids;
  • Giving comments on contractual documents and commercial terms to be entered into with the Contractor;
  • Giving comments on tender dossiers;
  • Reviewing the accepted Contractor´s bid, project specifications, decisions of competent authorities, approved design documents, etc.;
  • Organising meetings between the Client and the Contractor, especially the site progress meetings at regular intervals;
  • Organising handover of the site in whole and the job sites to the Contractor;
  • Preparing photo-documentation;
  • Monitoring adherence to the requirements imposed by the Building Authority and the parties involved in the project;
  • Approving the Detail Design for construction;
  • Giving comments on project variations and cost calculations; negotiating them with the Client and giving approvals thereto;
  • Approving the appointment of sub-contractors;
  • Issuing binding instructions of the Engineer;
  • Checking and approving the Contractor´s invoices;
  • Monitoring performance of the Contractor´s tasks according to the Audit and Test Plan and approved construction work code of practice;
  • Checking the quality of construction work;
  • Checking that the site log book is properly maintained;
  • Checking the progress of work as scheduled in the Work Programme;
  • Checking the documents for the handover and acceptance of the Work;
  • Consistent and thorough checking on less or extra work occurrence;
  • Supervision of the remedy of defects and outstanding work;
  • Preparing information for the final evaluation of the project and closing the project billing and accounts;
  • Preparing Interim Reports of the Engineer on the construction progress;
  • Preparing Final Report, if required.