Public and Commercial Projects

The public sector has witnessed a vast expansion during the last two decades and constantly holds its firm position in our scope of services. Here, as in the other cases, the comprehensiveness of services as well as the ability to respond flexibly to the specific needs of projects of widely differing purpose and size is our great advantage.

Our expertise in this field covers residential housing, retail centres and community services, social welfare and medical care facilities, research and development centres, financial and banking institutions, cultural and educational facilities, offices, garages and car parks, sports facilities, depots for archival documents as well as town transport facilities and petrol stations.


List of all our services and work provided within the Public and Commercial Projects


  • Building condition survey
  • Survey of structural systems
  • Chemical-engineering survey
  • Traffic survey
  • Pedology survey
  • Dendrology survey
  • Geotechnical survey
  • Control surveying
  • Survey to record current condition

Design services

  • Feasibility studies
  • Architectural drawings, site development studies, technology studies, EIA reviews, etc.
  • Zoning plans
  • Design documents for land use permit
  • Design documents for building permit
  • Tender documents
  • Detailed design
  • As-built drawings
  • Construction supervision on compliance with drawings

Engineering (and
consultancy) services

and Construction

  • Deliveries for the civil part/M&E part of the projects
  • Turnkey project delivery
  • Monitoring, managing and evaluating trial run period
  • Operator´s staff training
  • Performance guarantee testing and handover of the completed project

Selected references

Projekt bytového domu realizovala zlínská společnost CENTROPROJEKT GROUP
Flathouses in Zlín
Budova banky ČSOB ve Zlíně
Renovation of bank building
Projekt rekonstrukce objektu okresního soudu v Mostě připravil Centroprojekt ze Zlína
District court in Most

Look at the details of selected current references in the gallery. Further references will be provided upon request.