Wastewater Treatment Plant in Kravaře

Kravaře, Czech Republic

Year of completion:

Municipality of Kravaře

Total project cost:
EUR 14 970 000

Project description:
New separate sanitary sewer system including branch pipes to private properties serves now the Kravaře urban area and conveys sewage to a new wastewater treatment plant. The Kravaře WWTP is a combined mechanical and biological plant with the biological treatment processes specifically focused on the removal of organic substances and nitrogen. Phosphorus is eliminated by chemical flocculation.
The design stage was completed in 2006 and followed by an invitation to tender for the Engineer´s and building contractor´s services. Based on the successful bids filed and the proposal of the tender board,
CENTROPROJEKT was appointed the Engineer and TCHAS Ostrava was hired as the building contractor. Construction was started with a launching ceremony on 19 July 2007 and was running according to the project schedule until 31 October 2009.

Main technical data:
Sewer system
Gravity sewers: 26 730 m
Delivery sewers: 1552 m
Connection branches: 13 010 m
Sewer pump stations: 6
Diversion of stormwater sewer line: 654 m
Wastewater treatment plant
Population equivalent: 7500 PE
Average daily inflow rate Q24: 1350 m3/d