Wastewater Collection from the Dolní Lhota Agglomeration

Horní Lhota, Dolní Lhota, Sehradice and Slopné, Czech Republic

Year of completion:

Contracting Party, Client:
Association of Villages of the Dolní Lhota Agglomeration

Total project cost:
260 million CZK

Scope of services:
All design stages

Project description:
The project focused on the construction of new gravity sanitary sewers in the villages with the discharge of collected wastewater to the wastewater treatment plant situated in Dolní Lhota and serving all the villages.
This is a mechanical and biological plant with a capacity of 2870 PE.
All plant systems are completely covered and the waste air is extracted through a deodorizing filter.
The plant operated a complete sludge processing system with sludge dewatering.
The limit values for nutrient concentrations in the WWTP effluent were set, by agreement with the March river basin manager, so as to protect the Pozlovice drinking water reservoir.
The area involved in the project extends partially into the White Carpathians protected area and is a part of the protective zone of the natural mineral water springs in the Luhačovice area.

Main technical data:
The project includes in total 27 503.5 lin. m of the lines (sewers and delivery pipes).
There are 2 pump stations incorporated in the sewer network.