Shared-Use Path in Dětkovice

Dětkovice, Czech Republic

Year of completion:

Municipality of Dětkovice

Project stage:
Feasibility study

Project description:
Our assignment in the shared-use path project in Dětkovice located close to D1 highway near Vyškov included preparation of a feasibility study.
The planned route of the path shared by cyclists and other users is divided into three segments. The first segment will copy the road II/428 and be continued by another segment running along the local road to the sewage treatment plant.
New timber bridge will be built on the crossing point. The last path segment will take the cyclists through the fields and quiet countryside to the road III/4289 Dětkovice – Koválovice. Precast concrete bollard will prevent farm machines from entering the shared-use path.

Main technical data:
Path width: 2m
Segment 1 length: 980 m
Segment 2 length: 395 m
Segment 3 length: 625 m
Total length of shared-use path: 2000 m