Renovation of the Ševcovská Street Area

Zlín, Czech Republic

Statutory Town of Zlín

Project description:
The design produced is aimed at enlarging the passenger car parking capacity in the street.  Furthermore, asphalt roads in Ševcovská and Díly II Streets as well as pavements and paved driveways to neighbouring properties will undergo extensive renovation.
Construction of new parking bays in the area is strongly dependent on several factors such as available space, optimization of financial costs without any unnecessary diversions of utility services and maximum possible protection of existing trees.
The project is divided in 4 phases, depending on the funding potential on the part of the client and requirements for minimum road closure. Therefore, the construction should run on several job sites.

Main technical data:
Number of the proposed parking spaces:
Phase I: 40
Phase II: 30
Phase III: 14
Phase IV: 47