Hydrological Design Scheme for the Triangle Industrial Park

Žatec, Czech Republic


Project description:
The area concerned covers the former Žatec military airport, which has been remodelled to the Triangle Industrial Park that is being gradually developed.
The aim of the study is bringing a comprehensive and sustained solution that will allow, considering the future building development on the land, minimization of negative impacts of the building process on the balance in the water discharge conditions, overall water balance, hydraulic load of the recipients and quality of groundwater and surface water, while using to a reasonable extent precipitation water during the use of buildings and land as well as for the production operations.
The design scheme meets requirements of the branch-specific standard TNV 75 9011 Precipitation water management.
The design scheme enables the investors coming to the TRIANGLE Park to individually meet the statutory requirements by adhering to the defined rules.
Discharge of stormwater into the sewer system without flow deceleration, partial evaporation, retention or infiltration is almost inadmissible today.
The Industrial Park is situated between the roads No. 7 (Louny – Chomutov), No. 27 (Žatec – Most) and No. 250 (Žatec – Bítozeves).

Main technical data:
Industrial Park area: 364 ha
of which:
Central main area: 265 ha
Staňkovický dispersion area: 32 ha
L-shaped eastern corner: 35.5 ha