Environmental Improvement of the Heat Generation Unit

Český Krumlov, Czech Republic

Year of completion:

CARTHAMUS a.s. Praha

Project description:
The project includes combustion of biomass in the existing heat generation unit, in which brown coal is combusted presently.
The project is aimed at replacing the outdated boiler plant systems with new modern systems in order to achieve an improved efficiency of steam and power generation and considerably reduce environmental impacts at the same time.
New turbine generator set with a capacity of 8.4MW is used to generate electric power. New boiler installation with a capacity of 35 tons per hour will bring higher efficiency of the steam generation process and reduced emissions.
Orientation towards renewable sources of energy accelerated after the environmental concerns had increased worldwide. During the biomass combustion process, contrary to other fossil fuels, a zero balance of the greenhouse gas is achieved since only such amount of CO2 is released to the atmosphere, which was originally accumulated in the wood by photosynthesis during the growth phase. Other great advantage of the wood material is that it has a zero (or negligible) content of sulphur, and therefore no harmful emissions of SO2 are formed.

Main technical data:
Capacity: 8,4 MW
Steam generation capacity: 35 tons per hr