Conceptual Study to Present Renovation Options for the San Miguel WWTP in Mexico

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Year of completion:

Project description:
We have prepared a conceptual study that presented the options for the renovation of the wastewater treatment plant in the town district of El Nigromante with 4000 population in the town of San Miguel de Allende.
The water treatment system in use is obsolete and not able to meet current requirements for the treatment capacity and quality of effluents. Technically, the concept includes a new treatment plant that should be built instead of the old one.
The plant should be a complex unit comprising both wastewater treatment and sludge disposal facilities.
Considering the plant location in the proximity of residential buildings, the study includes proposal of measures to minimize negative impacts on the surrounding buildings (e.g. use of basin covers, cleaning of exhausted air and elimination of noise).
The proposed concept also takes account of lack of water in the area, and therefore it assumes utilization of treated water for irrigation purposes.
The architectural design of the service building shall harmonize the plant with local architecture.