Boiler Unit at the Počerady Power Station (Gas and Steam Combined Cycle Plant 840 MWe)

Počerady, Czech Republic

Year of completion:

ČEZ Group

Project cost:
75 million CZK

Scope of services:
BD – Basic Design,
DD – Detail Design,
ATD – Accompanying Technical Documentation,
RC – Red Correct,
SRT – Specification of Requirements for Trades,
AB – As Built,
turn-key delivery

Project description:
New power generation unit, a gas and steam combined cycle plant with a capacity of 840 MWe was built as a part of the ČEZ Group-financed project aimed at upgrading its power plants in the Czech Republic.
The gas and steam cycle is exceptional due to its high operability, performance levels and environmental soundness. The project included construction of two identical boiler houses from ±0.000 level.
The structural system of the building consists of steel columns with braces, edge beams and roof truss girders. The building envelope is composed of prefabricated RC base continued by sandwich cladding made of steel cassettes filled with mineral thermal insulation and corrugated sheet.
The roof deck consists of corrugated sheet with thermal insulation and PVC roofing sheet.
The buildings have a freight elevator with a capacity of 2000kg and travel up to the roof top. The stack is accessible from the roof top via steel catwalk.

Main technical data:
Rough efficiency: 58.4 %
Rough power output at the generator set terminals: 838 MWe
Own power consumption: 13 MWe
Emissions NOx, CO: 40 mg/Nm3
Boiler houses
Plan dimensions: 27.35 x 27.27m
Building height up to roof parapet: 36.55m
Number of interior technology platforms: 5 basic height levels

Virtual tour:
Aerial view of the Počerady Steam-Gas Power Station (external link on ČEZ Group webpage).