Aquapark – Army Leisure Centre in Měřín

Měřín, Czech Republic

Year of completion:

Vojenská lázeňská a rekreační zařízení Praha

Building costs of pool installations:
7 millions CZK

Project description:
The Czech Army Leisure Centre in Měřín at Slapská dam has undergone extensive renovation, integral part of which was also delivery and installation of a new pool equipment.
The hotel pool which is 25m long was reconstructed and new installations were added to it, among them relaxation pool with atraction (wild river, spouts, massage benches, bottom jets and wall-monted air jet massage), kids pool, landing pool for water slide 98m long, artificial cave and whirlpool for 10 persons. All pools have ceramic lining.
Water treatment plant is located in the basement level. It comprises sand filters in glass-reinforced plastic, pumps, electrical heating, automatic injection of chemicals and water ozonization system.

Main technical data:
25m swimming pool
Area: 200 m2
Volume: 280 m2
Water treatment plant capacity: 70 m3/h
Kid’s pool
Area: 47 m2
Volume: 23 m2
Water treatment plant capacity: 25 m3/h
Relaxation pool with attractions
Area: 115 m2
Volume: 144 m2
Water treatment plant capacity: 36 m3/h
Landing pool for water slida & cave
Area: 57 m2
Volume: 68 m2
Water treatment plant capacity: 45 m3/h
External diameter: 3000 mm
Water treatment plant capacity: 20 m3/h