Hranice Indoor Swimming Pool

Hranice, Czech Republic

Year of completion:

Municipality of Hranice

Building costs:
125 million CZK

Project description:
The complex is located on land adjacent to the left bank of the Bečva River, at the premises of an existing outdoor pool in an area designated for sport and leisure activities.

The indoor swimming facility includes:

  • 25m stainless steel swimming pool,
  • stainless steel amusement pool with water features (water flume, massage bench, massage chairs, spouts, bubble jets),
  • stainless steel training pool for children,
  • open body slide with a stair tower and a landing pool,
  • whirlpool,
  • wellness area comprised of two sauna cubicles, a Turkish steam bath cubicle, an aromatherapy cubicle and foot bubblers.

The set of facilities also includes changing rooms and toilets, as well as saunas with chill-out pool, massages, pedicure, hairdresser, bar and management offices.
Adjacent to the main facility is a building, in wich a filtration plant, a chemical handling systema nd a boiler plant are housed. Circulation circuits of the pool are provided with an add-on ozone disinfection of pool water.

Main technical data:
Swimming pool
Plocha: 225 m2
Volume: 360 m3
Filtration system circulation rate: 130 m3/h
Relaxation pool
Area: 180 m2
Volume: 233 m3
Filtration system circulation rate: 120 m3/h
Training pool
Area: 50 m2
Volume: 35 m3
Filtration system circulation rate: 18 m3/h
Landing pool
Area: 24 m2
Volume: 22 m3
Filtration system circulation rate: 30 m3/h
Outdoor pool
Area: 1000 m2
Volume: 1500 m3
Filtration system circulation rate: 360 m3/h
Area: 7,1 m2
Volume: 2 m3
Filtration system circulation rate: 23 m3/h