Water and Sanitation Projects

Our water specialists prepare water and sanitation solutions for municipalities, including landscape water management and flood protection measures, as well as for customers from industrial sector, including both new build projects and upgrading or refurbishment of existing plants.

Services provided by our teams of experts in water systems are comprehensive, including mechanical engineering and civil engineering groups, experts in supply procurement and construction services, including FIDIC Engineer´s services on client´s behalf for large infrastructure projects. We have our own geological engineering survey centre with geotechnical laboratory. We use the latest simulation software to create models to test the most effective wastewater treatment technique and simulate flows in the piping systems.


List of all our services and work provided within the Water and Sanitation Projects


  • Site survey including:
  • geotechnical survey
  • planimetry and altimetry
  • chemical engineering survey

Design services

Engineering (and
consultancy) services

  • Multi-staged design engineering from the design concept to detailed design:
  • application of modern water/wastewater treatment techniques
  • water supply structures - water captation, water treatment plants
  • mechanical /biological and chemical treatment of industrial wastewater and sewage, incl. pumping stations
  • upgrading/optimizing of existing wastewater treatment plants
  • comprehensive sludge management systems incl. sanitation
  • water recycling and reuse; wastewater-to-energy systems
  • master plans for water supply and wastewater disposal
  • flood prevention measures, regulation of water courses
  • Authority engineering services (land use/building permit), construction supervision services on client´s behalf that expand to comprehensive FIDIC Engineer´s services for more complex projects
  • Setting up documents for proper operation of water infrastructure such as operating manuals, operating rules for sewer systems and hydraulic structures, monitoring and evaluation of trial run period, optimization of the operation of systems bein currently in use
  • Operation of water infrastructure and consultancy services

and Construction

  • Exclusive sales representation of the German manufacturer INVENT for the supplies and installation of hyperboloid mixers, flow accelerators for carousel-type activated sludge processes and aeration systems, including unique hyperboloid mixers/aerators
  • Turnkey deliveries of buildings and plants for water/wastewater treatment plants

Selected references

Dodávka hyperboloidních míchadel HYPERCLASSIC a provzdušňovacího systému iDISC společnosti INVENT do aktivačních nádrží
INVENT systems on WWTP Hořovice
Projekt intenzifikace a rozšíření ČOV Lidečko
Expansion and intensification of WWTP Lidečko
Provzdušňovací systém Invent na ČOV Kladno
Invent system in WWP Kladno

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