Industrial Projects

We are able to design the entire industrial plant, including all of the auxiliary units related to production such as storage facilities, fluid and energy supply systems, recycling and wastewater treatment, utilisation of secondary raw materials, transportation and handling systems, etc.

Our expertise extends even beyond this to designs of buildings for light industries and other related branches, logistics centres, various types of assembly shops and warehouse buildings. In addition to our comprehensive design services we offer our customers turn-key design-build project delivery approach.


List of all our services and work provided within the Industrial Projects


  • Building condition survey
  • Survey of structural systems
  • Chemical-engineering survey
  • Traffic survey
  • Pedology survey
  • Dendrology survey
  • Geotechnical survey
  • Control surveying
  • Survey to record current condition

Design services

  • Feasibility studies
  • Architectural drawings, site development studies, technology studies, EIA reviews, etc.
  • Zoning plans
  • Design documents for land use permit
  • Design documents for building permit
  • Tender documents
  • Detailed design
  • As-built drawings
  • Construction supervision on compliance with drawings

Engineering (and
consultancy) services

and Construction

  • Deliveries for the civil part/M&E part of the projects
  • Turnkey project delivery
  • Monitoring, managing and evaluating trial run period
  • Operator´s staff training
  • Performance guarantee testing and handover of the completed project


Design services

Engineering (and
consultancy) services

  • Heating plants with fluidized-bed boilers for the combustion of coal and biomass fuel, with capacities up to 150 t of delivered steam per hour
  • Steam turbines up to 30 MW with accessories and delivery of energy to MV network
  • Combustion turbines up to 100 MW
  • Incineration plants for municipal and industrial waste
  • Generation and distribution of compressed air (compressor plants)
  • Generation and distribution of compressed vacuum (vacuum plants)
  • Standby power supply units (diesel generator sets)
  • Gas fired boiler plants – high & medium water, steam
  • Combined heat and power plants (with gas engines)
  • Heat pumps
  • Heat exchanger plants (steam to water, water to water)
  • Cooling water systems (cooling towers)
  • Cold water systems (mechanical cooling)
  • Water systems – pumping and transportation, treatment of auxiliary/ circulating water for cooling circuits, water treatment for water and steam boilers
  • Infrastructure - water mains, drainage systems, gas mains, power lines, communication systems, street lighting; comprehensive design of utilities. Use of the MIKE URBAN hydrodynamical model to simulate flow in water networks and urban drainage systems
  • Master plans for water supply and wastewater disposal systems
  • Surveys including geotechnical survey work, planimetric and altimetry surveying, site layout survey and chemical engineering survey
  • Authority engineering services (land use/building permit), construction supervision services on client´s behalf that expand to comprehensive FIDIC Engineer´s services for more complex projects

Procurement and Construction

  • Buildings for boiler plants and large power/heat generating units (i.e. substructure/foundations, steel structures, envelope)
  • Preparatory work on site before construction (utility diversions, relocation of heat/steam/gas pipes, etc.)
  • Construction of buildings for:
  • compressor plants (complete with machinery such as compressors, driers, air receivers, etc.)
  • flue-gas fan enclosures
  • silos for ashes, fly ashes, limestone, sand, etc. (substructure and steel structures)
  • water treatment plants (complete with water treatment technology systems)
  • Steel structures (warehouses and production buildings, structures for industrial filters)
  • Renovation of the facades of generating units
  • Industrial vacuum cleaners (for operational tasks/buildings, process applications)
  • Paved surfaces and roads (asphalt pavements, cement-concrete pavements)
  • Industrial railway sidings (new-build and renovation projects)
  • Electrical services for large industrial units (comprehensive scope of services)
  • Construction of utilities, drainage systems (industrial/chemical), water networks, etc.
  • Demolition and deconstruction of existing plants and buildings (also if contamination is present)

Selected references

Meteo-radar in Holešov
Projekt a stavba stáčiště chemikálií pro Lovochemii v Lovosicích
Filling station chemicals at Lovochemie
Rekonstrukce hal v Gilette Jevíčko
Renovation of industry hall for Gilette Jevíčko

Look at the details of selected current references in the gallery. Further references will be provided upon request.