Refurbishment of Osíčko sports complex

Osíčko, Czech Republic

Year of completion:

Municipality of Osíčko

Building costs:
13 millions CZK

Project description:
Open-air swimming facilities include main swimming pool with water features, a safety landing zone for a water slide as well as another pool for children with a mushroom fountain.During the refurbishment work, the old cracked pool basin has received new poured-concrete bottom and walls as well as inflow gutters and a bottom-mounted hydraulic water distribution system. Both the swimming and children’s pool are ceramic-lined.Pool equipment items include recirculation pumps and filters as well as an automated chemical water treatment system and pumps for the mounted water features. Pool water is heated up using a heat pump.

Main technical data:
Swimming Pool

Area: 560 m2
Volume: 588 m3
Filter system circulation rate: 184 m3/h
Children’s Pool
Area: 40 m2
Volume: 16 m3
Filter system circulation rate: 16 m3/h