Prostějov outdoor water park

Prostějov, Czech Republic

Year of completion:

MI PRO STAV s.r.o.

Building costs:
182 million CZK

Project description:
Following necessary adaptation work, new stainless steel pools including pool attractions and mechanical equipment bave been built in the old swimming pool. It is encircled by man-made hills to be used not only for sun-bathing but as an ascending area to access the highlight of the park, a wide water slide and an open-body slide with stair tower.The multipurpose pool has three 25 lanes for condition swimming and some small additional masssage attractions. The central amusement pool with a foot-bridge, featuring attractions such as water flume, provides for water slides landing as well. In addition, the entire complex of facilities includes a circular paddling pool for children.
Pool water is recycled through GRP sand filters equipped with an automatic batching plant for chemicals and chlorine gas. Seasonal operation period of the outdoor water park can be extended using a water heating system of air-to-water heat pumps.

Main technical data:
Multipurpose Pool
Area: 495 m2
Volume: 690 m3
Filter system circulation rate: 226 m3/h
Amusement Pool
Area: 775 m2
Volume: 830 m3
Filter system circulation rate: 294 m3/h
Padding Pool
Area: 120 m2
Volume: 24 m3
Filter system circulation rate: 24 m3/h
Landing Pool
Area: 75 m2
Volume: 80 m3
Filter system circulation rate: 81 m3/h