Outdoor swimming facility in Havířov

Havířov, Czech Republic

Year of completion:

Corporate Town of Havířov

Building costs:
60 million CZK

Principal Designer:

Project description:
Replacement of outside distribution systems in the existing 50m-long swimming pool with plastic ones, and reconstruction of the recreational pool with water slides using method of a new built-in pool and installation of water features.
A new short-and-wide water slide has been constructed and adjacent paved areas newly arranged. The storage pit, pump sump and blowers for water features are an integral part of the recreational pool.
New filtration equipment incl. water treatment. Operation controlled by central MCS.

Main project data:
Swimming Pool
Area: 1250 m2
Volume: 1900 m3
Filter system circulation rate: 422 m3/h
Wadding Pool
Area: 60 m2
Volume: 23 m3
Filter system circulation rate: 23 m3/h
Diving Pool
Area: 324 m2
Volume: 1440 m3
Filter system circulation rate: 175 m3/h
Relaxation Pool
Area: 1197 m2
Volume: 1316 m3
Filter system circulation rate: 693 m3/h