NEXT-M – Modern Medicine Products

Brno, Czech Republic

Year of completion:

Národní tkáňové centrum a. s. (National Tissue Centre)
PrimeCell a. s.

Total project cost:
127 million CZK

Scope of services:
The building permit design, tender documents, detail design and as-built drawings including supervision of construction on compliance with drawings were produced together with BLOCK a.s., a company domiciled at Valašské Meziříčí and specialized in cleanrooms and medicinal technologies).

Project description:
The project was aimed at accommodating the spaces for production rooms with offices and technical rooms at the basement level 2, on the 6th floor and partly on the roof of the existing office building.
The production rooms are specialized in somatocellular and tissue preparations.
The premises also include bioimplantology research labs.

Main technical data:
Conversion of basement level 2, 6th floor and the building´s roof space
Total built-up area: 3249 m2