Law Courts Complex in Brno

Brno, Czech Republic

Year of completion:

Regional Court in Brno

Total project cost:
1.8 billion CZK

Project description:
The complex of buildings has become the seat for the Brno Municipal and Regional Courts and the Brno Municipal Prosecutor’s Office.
The complex consists of two buildings that are connected to each other in the basement.
The complex ranks among the largest and most modern law court premises in Europe.
It brings completely new standards in the typology of buildings.
The courtrooms are situated in two towers in the atrium of the building, and a sophisticated system of stairways and elevators ensures that the parties in the dispute meet face to face only after entering the courtroom.

Main technical data:
Built-up area:  6 737 m2
Enclosed volume: 240 365 m3
Number of floors: 2 basement levels, 6 above-ground floors and 2 technical above-ground floors
Maximum height: 35.45 m