Kudlovská Dam Sports Complex

Zlín, Czech Republic

Year of completion:


Project description:
Construction of a new sports facility in the close proximity to the CENTROPROJEKT GROUP´s offices included rehabilitation of the original parking lot. Loss of parking bays was a very crucial issue to be resolved.
The newly-built multi-purpose facility situated immediately behind the Centroprojekt´s building is a unique combination of roofed-over parking bays and volleyball courts. It replaced the outdated playing field by modern sports areas. There are 75 parking bays situated on the ground floor and four new courts placed on the roof of the parking house.
The construction of the “Kudlovská Dam Sports Complex” was preceded by construction of an office and commercial complex located nearby.
Both buildings were planned by CENTROPROJEKT GROUP in close liaison with architect Jiří Záhořák from ADDO architectural office. Centroprojekt also acted as the building contractor and developer.