Photovoltaic power plants

The construction industry of photovoltaic complexes is experiencing great development at this time. And not only due to the current situation on the energy market. The pressure to build new energy sources is increasing, which would gradually make it possible to better stabilize the electricity system. The new government has set itself the goal of building power plants on a hundred thousand roofs by the end of 2025. Thanks to the use of solar energy, industrial enterprises can protect themselves against rising energy prices.

Centroprojekt Group, a.s. is from 2021 a competence center for the processing of feasibility studies, follow-up complex project documentation and the final delivery of photovoltaic power plants for the Agrofert a.s. group. Of course, it also offers its services in this area outside the group.


List of all our services and work provided within the Photovoltaic Power Plants

Project part

  • FVE design study
  • Feasibility study on PV
  • Building permit documentation
  • Contractor Selection Documentation
  • Construction documentation
  • Actual status documentation

Request for connection

  • Processing a request to connect to the distribution network in cooperation with the investor
  • Submitting an application to the distributor

Necessary related activities

  • Statics:
  • Expert opinion
  • Static calculations and assessments
  • Drawing documentation
  • Building part:
  • Floor plans of buildings, including the orientation of penetrations
  • Design of a roof restraint system
  • Elaboration of technical report, drawing documentation of the roof cladding
  • Situation drawings
  • Health and safety at work and fire protection
  • Fire safety solutions for the building

and Construction

  • Comprehensive delivery of the system selected on the basis of the final design
  • Flexible response to any changes and deviations you require
  • Ensuring the function of general contractor
  • Supplied components conform to TIER 1
  • Provide copyright supervision during construction

Service and maintenance

  • Continuous service and maintenance of HW components during the operation of the PV plant

Grant management

  • Advice on choosing a suitable grant title
  • Preparation of the application within the selected program
  • grant management for a period of 5 years from the completion of the work

Selected references

Look at the details of selected current references in the gallery. Further references will be provided upon request.