Slovakia – The Aquacity in Poprad

Poprad, Slovak Republic

In operation since:
2003 – 2007

AQUAPARK Poprad, s. r. o.

Total project cost:
650 million CZK

Scope of services:
Supplier of pool-water systems

Project description:
The existing Water Park has been extended by new pools of type Blue Diamond 2 and Blue Saphire.
In the indoor stainless-steel pool Blue Diamond 2 visitors can get pleasure from two counterflows and water bar.
The relaxation pool Blue Saphire is the first modern ceramic pool having been constructed here.
The above pool has been equipped with many massage beds and seatrs incl. massage jets.
One of the bays in Blue Saphire pool will be used to enjoy huge waves.
The serenity of the pool is stressed by underwater floodlights with gradually changing colour spectrum and laser show.

Main technical data:
Indoor Pools
Area: 1 716 m2
Volume: 2 245 m3
Filter system circtulation rate: 732 m3/h
Outdoor Pools
Area: 1 061 m2
Volume: 1 316 m3
Filter system circtulation rate: 452 m3/h