Renovation of 25m Pool at the Zlín Public Bath

Zlín, Czech Republic

Year of completion:

Steza Zlín, spol. s.r.o.

Building cost:
3 million CZK

Project description:
The building was designed by the renowned Czech architect Vladimír Karfík and built in 1950. The structural framing is based on using a structural grid pattern of 6.15 x 6.15 metres with brick linings, which is typical for the Bata´s buildings in Zlín. The interior space arrangement is accommodated to house a pool sized 25 x 12 metres, a plantroom and other auxiliary rooms.
There is a tiered viewing gallery ended up with stands located at the pool. The building also houses a steam bath and commercial spaces.

Main technical data:
Water area: 297,5 m2
Water volume: 650 m3
Filter system circulation rate: 133,4 m3/h