Reconversion of the Bata Silo

Zlin, Czech Republic

Year of completion:

NWT a.s.

Project description:
During 2014, a challenging remodelling process to change the function of the former grain silo to the modern Centre of Strategic Services for NWT Company as the client was running. It was the client´s intent to accommodate several company units and subsidiaries, previously operated as autonomous units, into one building. Now the building houses the centre of shared services and repair centre of hi-tech products as well as the development centre of specialized IS/ICT, data centre and other auxiliary units.

History of building:
The silo was built in 1938 by the construction department of the Bata Company. It had undergone partial adaptations for different purposes since the 1960s, however it has become difficult for the property owners to find further use for the building during the 1990s. Finally, NWT bought the property with a bold vision for an extensive and complex refurbishment of the premises. The in-depth building survey has shown that the overall condition of the building is satisfactory with normal wear for its age.