Ostrava, Czech Republic

Year of completion:

City of Ostrava-South

Total project cost:
252 million CZK

Scope of services:
Lead Designer Supplier of pool-water systems

Project description:
All pools having a total water area of 2600 m2 are made from stainless steel, comprising a relaxation pool with water features, a 50-meter swimming pool and a smaller pool for children.
The pools are provided with a combination of water slides with a safe landing into a separate pool. The slides are the most amazing attraction of the water park and a dominant feature of the entire project.
Water is heated up using heat pumps in combination with a solar heating system.
Facilities of the outdoor water park have been integrated into the surrounding environment in close cicinity of the Bělský forest park.
They are bordered by a football stadium on the other side.

Main technical data:
Total pool area: 2 608 m2
Total pool volume: 3 129 m3
Relaxation Pool
Area: 1418 m2
Volume: 1630 m3
Filter system circtulation rate: 687 m3
Swimming Pool
Area: 798 m2
Volume: 1276 m3
Filter system circtulation rate: 300 m3
Wading Pool
Area: 216 m2
Volume: 43 m3
Filter system circtulation rate: 43 m3
Landing Pool
Area: 176 m2
Volume: 180 m3
Filter system circtulation rate: 211 m3